• toward liberating mutuality: symposium
    toward liberating mutuality: symposium
  • CritEdPol Vol. 3: Beautiful Experiments
    CritEdPol Vol. 3: Beautiful Experiments
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Latest issue of #CritEdPol is out! “Beautiful Experiments”

Dear colleagues, students & friends, We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest issue of #CritEdPol, the online journal of critical education policy studies at Swarthmore College: ​“Beautiful Experiments”! Volume 3, issue 1 The theme of “beautiful experiments,” comes from writer and historian Saidiya Hartman (2017, 2019), who describes beautiful experiments as the…

People of Color Now. (2015, January 27). [A multitude of colorful hands raised] [Illustration]. Retrieved from https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/01/10-travel-bloggers-of-color-you-should- follow.html

Cultivating Community Together Study

Employing a “queer intersectional abolitionist framework,” Cultivating Community Together (CCT), is an examination of institutional and community-rooted visions and implementations of school and community collaborations in Philadelphia’s past and present.

toward liberating mutuality: PA ed scholars symposium – 1.12.2022 10a-1p est

bell hooks (2003) maintained that the classroom should be “a place that is life-sustaining and mind-expanding, a place of liberating mutuality where teacher and student together work in partnership” (p.xv). Inspired by bell hooks vision, the Pennsylvania Education Scholars (PAES) Collective, invites you to Toward Liberating Mutuality: A PA Education Scholars Symposium.

Teaching for Democracy: An Information Guide on CRT for PA School Boards

Provided by PA Education Scholars PaEdScholars@gmail.com Download the Information Guide (PDF) AP Photo, Jared Enos School districts in the state of Pennsylvania are committed to teaching all students. To achieve this, schools must teach the full history of the United States so that students can understand the world they live in. Students need skill sets…

The Case for Care: Multiyear teachers are the future of mobilizing care in education

Article Written By: Daisy CulkinsSkidmore College Abstract: Care is essential to the healthy development of children. If care is not provided within the child’s home, the second most influential sphere within a child’s life where care can be enacted is the school. Community psychology and motivational psychology shed light into how teachers can use care…

Adolescents: Trauma & Mental Health

Tuesday, March 19 at 4:30 pm Bond Hall Swarthmore College At corner of Chester Road and College Ave Parking available at Ben West Parking Lot For questions please email edstudies@swarthmore.edu Join the Swarthmore College, Department of Educational Studies for a panel discussion with educators, scholars, and therapists about adolescents, trauma & mental health Panel Flier…

Ed Policy Podcast – Rough Cuts

Thank you for participating in the podcast premier. Below are the links to each of the “rough cuts”  of the podcasts and some of the visuals complimenting the podcast. For students please pick four podcasts to listen to and send them brief feedback via email. Please cc me (emayorg1@swarthmore.edu ) so that I can count…

12.13.18 – Ed Policy Podcast Premiere

Join us for the Swarthmore Education Policy Podcast Premiere Thursday, December 13, 201812:30-2:00pPearson 006 The Educational Studies department and the students of Education Policy: A Site of Struggle (EDUC 41) invite you to the premiere of our Education Policy Podcasts, where students are in the process of creating 5-7 minute podcasts and a complimentary visualization…

People of Color Now. (2015, January 27). [A multitude of colorful hands raised] [Illustration]. Retrieved from https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/01/10-travel-bloggers-of-color-you-should- follow.html

Community, School, College Partnership Project (CSCP)

  Project Overview The Community, School, College Partnership project (CSCP) is an ongoing project comprised of multiple research studies that focus on contributing to urban school and community development in the city of Philadelphia. CSCP is a project of the Critical Education Policy Studies group at Swarthmore College under the direction of Dr. Edwin Mayorga….

3.1.17: Isn’t She Lovely? Anti-Blackness and the (Im)Possibility of Black Childhoods, a lecture by Michael J. Dumas

Isn’t She Lovely? Antiblackness and the (Im)possibility of Black Childhoods Michael J. Dumas, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley March 1, 2017 4-6 (Start time 4:15) Swarthmore College, Science Center 101 (Chang Hon Hall) Stevie Wonder’s (1976) song to his newborn baby girl, Aisha, offers a departure for this discussion on the (im)possibility of Black childhoods…